A Step Towards Certification by the Institute of Customer Service

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Marlowe Fire & Security has taken our first step in becoming certified under the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). The Institute is the professional body for customer service.

Its main purpose is to lead, govern and guide UK industry in customer service performance and professionalism. The service they provide will ensure we constantly improve our business performance to meet the needs of our customers.

ICS is a body of approximately 450 organisational members – from across the private, public and third sectors.

Membership brings:

  • An opportunity to engage nationally and regionally with other members, and benchmark against them
  • Access to authoritative customer service knowledge, research and best practice insight
  • A customer service framework to measure achievement against national standards and develop improvements
  • External recognition and enhanced status for staff as customer service professionals through training/qualifications

Jo Causon, Chief Executive of the Institute of Customer Service commented: ‘I’m delighted to welcome Marlowe Fire & Security as members of the Institute of Customer Service. Membership of the Institute provides the opportunity to benchmark against other organisations in a range of sectors; opportunities to share with and learn from other members within the extensive network; access to our research and insight; and the opportunity to drive service professionalism, through our customer service qualifications programmes. Marlowe Fire & Security are particularly focused on building a customer focused business, developing and recognising staff and working towards a customer service accreditation”.

Rob Flinn, Chief Executive of Marlowe Fire & Security Group confirmed: ‘Our 5 year commitment to the institute is in support our vision of ‘Engaged Employees, Delighted Customers, Safe and Secure Environment’ which forms an integral part of our Customer Charter, established in April 2018. We want to use The Institute’s research and networking to support and guide us to access and achieve best practice and create a culture of service excellence through developing our people.’

For more information about our Customer Charter, click here.

Customer Charter