We launched our Employee of the Month initiative in September 2019 with the objective of celebrating Marlowe Fire & Security’s high achievers.

Every month, each Director is required to submit their nomination to the CEO outlining the reasons behind why the nominated Employee has made a difference and deserves the award.

The scheme runs in addition to the Customer Recognition Policy and Long Service Recognition Policy.

OVERALL WINNER 2023 –Julita Medel, Senior Payroll Officer

After another 12 months of our Employee of the Month initiative, every employee was given the opportunity to choose from all the previous winners and vote for the person they think has continued to exceed all expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role and therefore deserves to win the ultimate prize and be crowned the overall winner.

Julita Medel was one of our March 2023 winners and received the most overall votes from colleagues, confirming her as the winner and employee of the year.

Well done, Julita! Extremely well deserved!

January 2024
Adam Warburton, Systems Analyst

Since joining the team, Adam has diligently worked to consolidate and improve our standardised reporting suite, working with various departments across the business to generate reliable and trusted data that drives our business forward.

Recently, Adam developed and implemented bespoke customer reporting and a set of automated billing spot check reports. This has greatly supported our Account Management Team in assessing their contractual relationships with customers, leading to improved transparency and accuracy in our service administration teams.

In addition, Adam consistently maintains and refines a comprehensive suite of Group-wide reports that support our business activities, and he is dedicated to maintaining a structured and transparent approach to reporting.

December 2023
Alex Carruthers, Fleet Manager

This recognition is a testament to Alex’s contributions, hard work, and dedication.
His performance has not only set a high standard for his peers but has also significantly contributed to the success of our team and the business’s overall goals.

Alex’s commitment to going above and beyond has not gone unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for the positive impact he has made and the work he puts in, particularly in challenging circumstances, earning commendation from both within and outside the company.

In addition to his work ethic, Alex’s positive attitude and willingness to collaborate with others has created a motivating work environment. His ability to tackle challenges with enthusiasm, whilst finding innovative solutions has proven to be invaluable.

November 2023
John Greig, Minor Works Lead Engineer

John is a true asset to the team, providing support across a range of departments day in, day out.

John consistently works to a high standard and is a true asset to our team.

October 2023
Amelia Read, Service Account Coordinator Apprentice (Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression)

As part of the Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression team, Amelia has been at the forefront of a recent migration of a major customer, steering them away from their direct facilities management team to an external firm.

This was a complicated project that required a complete overhaul of the entire process, including how orders are raised, submitted, and invoiced, as well as a modification to the portal itself.

A substantial amount of work has gone into this project, and the ongoing success is a direct reflection of not only Amelia’s efforts but her ability to effectively communicate across all levels of our business.

September 2023
Helen Forster, Financial Controller

Helen has gone above and beyond to support Marlowe Fire & Security during the past few months. Despite recent challenges, including an intense external audit and the complexities of a recent integration, Helen’s dedication has been a driving force in ensuring our continued success.

On top of this, Helen also provides invaluable support across the entire Group. Her expertise, trustworthiness, and valuable advice have made her a respected advisor within the business.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, you are an absolute asset not only to Marlowe Fire & Security, but also to the wider Group.

OVERALL WINNER 2023 –Julita Medel, Senior Payroll Officer

After another 12 months of our Employee of the Month initiative, every employee was given the opportunity to choose from all the previous winners and vote for the person they think has continued to exceed all expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role and therefore deserves to win the ultimate prize and be crowned the overall winner.

Julita Medel was one of our March 2023 winners and received the most overall votes from colleagues, confirming her as the winner and employee of the year.

Well done, Julita! Extremely well deserved!

August 2023
Paul Atkins, Management Accountant

During the early part of August, the Finance Team, in Wymondham, experienced some extraordinary events, at a critical point in the month, this led to a significant and immediate increase in workload across the department – Paul showed great leadership and resilience during this time frame, going the extra mile to ensure the timely delivery of the business results.

For many years, Paul has been the backbone of the Finance Team, consistently demonstrating exceptional and going above and beyond on numerous occasions.

Congratulations on a well-deserved award, Paul, and thank you for your many, many years of dedicated service to the business – 35 years to be exact!

JULY 2023
Sam Smith, Commercial Contracts Manager

Sam joined the business in 2022 as Commercial Contracts Manager with the aim to improve and standardise our approach to contractual governance. Over this relatively short period of time, Sam has become a valuable and trusted advisor to all businesses in the Group.
In recent months Sam has supported in securing the award of some of the largest contracts the business has ever won, supporting our Sales Teams in navigating the complicated contractual processes, protecting our business whilst maintaining a customer focussed approach.
In addition, Sam has supported the wider business in negotiating contracts with new supply chain partners, fleet partners and establishing agency framework agreements to support our recruitment activities.

JUNE 2023
Gary McConnachie, Fire and Security Technician

Gary’s outstanding performance in achieving a flawless audit score of 108 out of 108 is truly commendable and a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Demonstrating his attention to detail and a meticulous approach, Gary’s dedication to his work is evident in every aspect of the audit.

Gary’s accomplishment not only reflects his expertise but also instils confidence in his colleagues and our customers alike.

MAY 2023
Christina Sanderson, Key Account Manager

Since starting her new role as Key Account Manager, the impact Christina has made on her accounts has been truly exceptional. A major national customer is extremely happy and has commended Christina for her meticulous attention to detail.
Christina has also embraced the challenge of managing another major customer with over 4,000 sites. Once more, Christina’s exceptional impact has gained her further commendations from the customer.
Well done Christina! Thank you for your many years of service to the business – we are thrilled to see your career develop in Account Management.

APRIL 2023
Martin Bell, Project Manager

Congratulations to Martin Bell, Project Manager, for being awarded April’s Employee of the month.

Martin has been an absolute credit to Marlowe Fire & Security, playing a pivotal role in supporting one of our major national customers.
His support has been consistently excellent, always going the extra mile to resolve issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring the best solutions are in place for our in-store employees.

MARCH 2023

Since taking over the payroll processing last June, Julita has utilised her meticulous attention to detail and adept reporting capabilities to manage our highly complex payroll system, encompassing commission structures, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), bonus schemes and our ever-expanding workforce. Julita has worked her way up through the business, proving that hard work and dedication pay off. She is a prime example of our internal promotion practices. Moreover, Julita is committed to providing first class internal customer service, and she is an absolute credit to Marlowe Fire & Security. Well done Julita, extremely well deserved!

Febuary 2023
technical services & innovations manager

Jason Gray put together a fantastic and innovative specification which was developed over years of consultation with the customer before being delivered to the highest standard by Steve King and Chris Johnson.

The team have worked tirelessly to develop an integrated security solution, connected across an entire estate by a dedicated fibre optic network. The highly complex solution consists of 394 cameras, 250 facial recognition cameras, and 5 servers.

The project was completed on time and within budget, which was of great satisfaction to the customer.

January 2023
Paul Grimley,
ansul engineer

After serving in the Armed Forces for over 20 years, Paul joined Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression 6 months ago and has demonstrated outstanding performance. He has successfully met the training requirements, and exceeded expectations at every stage.

Paul’s dedication and hard work have been evident as he’s covered the Scotland region independently, and even worked additional hours to ensure the work was completed on time.

Paul’s achievements serve as a great inspiration to anyone aspiring to be a successful engineer in our industry. It shows that success can be achieved through hard work and having the right attitude.

december 2022
Megan Gaunt,
Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

Megan’s role consists of receiving goods from our supplier deliveries which includes over 300 orders per week. Megan is also part of the team in dispatching over 700 orders each week to our Engineer Teams whilst also receiving over 35 requests per day from operations regarding job queries in relation to picking/dispatching urgent orders.

Coupled with this, Megan also manages our ongoing mapping of the warehouse locations on new and existing stocked lines to ensure that we have an efficient layout to keep our productivity levels high.

Megan continuously supports our Operations Teams and Install Department each day and embraces the challenges whilst also being result oriented and having the right attitude and flexibility, which is key to our customer service and our Operations Teams.
Great performance!

november 2022
Holly Bartlett, Screening Administrator
Joshua Jones, Supply Chain Manager

Previously part of our Scheduling Team, Holly joined the HR Team as a Screening Administrator in Summer 2022, where she obtained the challenging task of preparing screening for our October NSI audit.

In such a short time, Holly learned, understood, and took complete ownership of the screening duties. Her knowledge of the standard is fantastic and as such, in our recent audit, Holly was recognised as being well prepared for all meetings.

Holly is a lovely addition to the Team and has taken on additional duties to support the function. Holly understands the pace needed to complete tasks in a timely manner and also understands the importance of effective screening to ensure the right employees enter the business and that necessary screening is completed within the required timeframe.

Josh joined the business just over a year ago as Supply Chain Manager. Josh has been instrumental in supporting MEWP controls and deployment. Within this industry, it is crucial that we have strict Health and Safety controls, so we are regularly improving our procedures to further protect our staff and customers. Josh’s work has further endorsed the Health and Safety culture within Marlowe Fire & Security.

Josh also assists with ongoing stock investigations. As a valuable member of the Team, nothing is ever too much trouble for Josh, and he is always willing to help where needed.

October 2022
Emma Redshaw
HR Projects Manager

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the October 2022 Employee of the Month is Emma Redshaw, HR Projects Manager.

Emma joined the HR team in March 2021 as the Project lead for Natural HR; Emma worked tirelessly to roll out this integral HR Information system throughout 2021 and continues to deliver additional services to grow and develop the platform and improving the use of Natural HR. Our goal was to deliver a centralised safe storage platform of all personnel data within the group, giving the HR function more credibly in its reporting and delivers a self-service platform.

At the end of 2021 Emma took on the dedicated HR Project role supporting group HR integration and alignment activity.

Emma works with newly acquired businesses to ensure they are properly embedded into the group and any people activity is effectively managed.

Emma’s calm and considered approach as well as her strong HR background has led to the achievement of an a significant level of change and harmonisation. Emma is well respected across the group and is a credit to the HR function.

September 2022
Paul Buttery
Senior Systems Design Estimator

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the September 2022 Employee of the Month is Paul Buttery, Senior Systems Design Estimator.

Paul’s positive and proactive attitude, and application of unique ways of working
has played a significant part in securing some major projects, equating to £2.4m.

Paul’s technical knowledge and attention to detail have provided the Team with the information to deliver the projects successfully, and is a key reason why we are now an embedded partner on these projects, with some further projects following imminently.

Paul’s engineering skills and attention to detail have allowed us to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet the customers’ requirements.


After another 12 months of our Employee of the Month initiative, every employee was given the opportunity to choose from all the previous winners and vote for the person they think has continued to exceed all expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role and therefore deserves to win the ultimate prize and be crowned the overall winner.

Carl Barber received the most votes overall from colleagues, confirming him as the winner and employee of the year.

Well done Carl – fantastic recognition from the entire business of your hard work and dedication!

August 2022
Katie Morris
Learning & Development Coordinator

Over the last 12 months Katie has worked tirelessly to bring training administration up to date and to modernise the systems and processes we use. She has revolutionised the way training is managed and has forged strong relationships with external suppliers and internal stakeholders.
She has led on the administration of the significant number of customer training portals and provided a huge amount of support on a major national contract through Simple Compliance.

Training records and support on mandatory site training is in its strongest position to date and Katie has created a robust set of processes and procedures which form the foundation from which to build training provision across the company and the wider group. Her contribution to the business has been invaluable and continues to elicit praise from all echelons.

JULY 2022
Tom Greenough
ARC Operator

As a committed member of our Category II, NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, Connect Monitoring, Tom works tirelessly to respond to our customers’ alarm activations.

Tom’s commitment and expertise were particularly demonstrated in a recent intruder alarm activation of one of our key retail customers.

Following the intruder alarm activation, Tom received a call back from a distressed keyholder who was being followed. Responding calmly and reassuringly, Tom instructed the keyholder to find a safe place, and stayed in constant contact with her whilst another Connect Team member contacted the police.

We would like to praise Tom for the way he handled the incident, supporting the keyholder and ensuring her safety right up until the police arrived.

JUNE 2022
Shaun Taylor
Project Commissioning Engineer

Shaun has been commended for his support with the unique project delivery for numerous critical customers and great work ethic/attitude.

Shaun receives constant praise from customers and his colleagues describe him as a breath of fresh air to work.

May 2022

Throughout the month, Dan has taken a lead role in the mobilisation of many National Account contracts. To support these mobilisations, Dan has constructed reports to facilitate the ongoing management of these accounts, working with the Finance Team and the relevant Account Managers to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Dan always goes above and beyond, maintains a very positive attitude and is always accommodating to team members’ requests.

APRIL 2022
Ben Mitchell
Scheduling Team Leader

Ben has been instrumental in supporting our back office and engineering team with the development and implementation of our new working at height policy. Ben has supported in some crucial customer meetings with one of our major national customers demonstrating the improved process to them. The customer has been extremely complimentary of Ben and his ongoing input surrounding this new policy.

Without Ben’s continued support and dedication, we would have not been able to progress to levels we have done.

March 2022
PFX Team
David Coles, PFX Operations Manager,
Darren Bird, Lead Engineer,
Gary Kitchen, Lead Engineer

This month’s Employee of the Month goes to the Portable Fire Extinguisher (PFX) Team for working diligently to deliver outstanding results throughout February and March. A special thanks goes to David Coles, Darren Bird and Gary Kitchen who have successfully worked together within the new management structure following the integration of FSE Fire & Security.

We would like to thank the Team for their efforts and commitment in delivering a high level of service to our customers.

Garreth Semple
Management Accountant

In the three and a half years since Garreth joined the finance team at Marlowe Fire & Security, he has quickly established himself as an indispensable member of the team. He has become the first port of call for many staff members across the whole business for any finance queries, and goes out of his way to resolve their issues.

In particular, this month, he spent many hours of his own time resolving an issue whilst working tirelessly on the annual budgets during an extremely busy period. He has recently taken over the management of the purchase ledger team and has proved himself a worthy and well-respected manager. He is well-liked and appreciated by everyone who comes into contact with him, and this award is very much deserved.

January 2022
Dominic Wharton, James Rickwood, Shem Calka, Michael Thomas, Mark Hoy (Service Engineers), Connor Windmill, Lead Engineer, Lawson Windmill, Apprentice Engineer, Ryan Barrow Regional Service Manager, Carl Barber, Regional Service Manager

Working tirelessly over very long days, nights and weekends, often dropping their own personal/family commitments, the team went above and beyond travelling down from the North and staying in the London area to support with one of our major national contracts.

The team offered their expertise and knowledge for which we have received positive feedback from the customer.

December 2021
sharon gregory
office manager

Sharon has been with Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression since the business was founded in 2007 and maintains knowledge of every aspect of the business.

Sharon’s role covers the company’s Quality Management System, maintenance of our Customer Service Management systems, fleet management, stores, and administration teams.

During December, Sharon successfully completed our ISO 9001 audit and prepared for our ISO 14001 and 45001 audits in January.

Sharon’s comprehensive knowledge of the kitchen fire suppression industry provides a source of great strength to our customer management, operational delivery, and administration teams.

November 2021
Alan bolton
compliance manager

Throughout 2021, the Compliance Department has continued to support all elements of the business for quality, Health and Safety, and environmental needs. Alan has been responsible for continuing to deliver and maintain our accreditations and general compliance platforms inclusive of our data protection compliance. Over the course of the year, Alan has worked tirelessly alongside our compliance contacts in various other business units, all with a view to simply assist others. Alan is the foundation of the department, and feedback from his colleagues is always positive and encouraging.

Alan is a committed and loyal employee and sees the benefit of passing on his skills and experience throughout the business to anyone, at any level, that needs compliance guidance and support.

Carl Barber, Regional Service Manager
Glenn Peters, Lead Engineer
Sajeevan Arumugathasan, Service Engineer
Jordan Moon, Service Engineer
William Henderson, Lead Engineer

Working tirelessly over very long days, nights and weekends, often dropping their own personal/family commitments, the team went above and beyond, working together to ensure the continued protection of one of our largest student housing customers which has over 70 halls of residence with 30,000 bedrooms.

The fire alarm system on this particular customer site protects over 600 students, day and night, and we would like to thank all Team Members involved for their efforts and commitment to deliver a high level of service to ensure their continued safety.


After another 12 months of our Employee of the Month initiative, every employee was given the opportunity to choose from all the previous winners and vote for the person they think has continued to exceed all expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role and therefore deserves to win the ultimate prize and be crowned the overall winner.

Stephen Walker received the most votes overall from colleagues, confirming him as the winner and employee of the year.

Well done Stephen – fantastic recognition from the entire business of your hard work and dedication!

August 2021
Matthew Jones
Service Engineer

Through his dedication and perseverance, Matthew has recently progressed from a Prospect Engineer to Service Engineer. Along with his step up to Service Engineer level, Matthew has helped to complete some outstanding service work on one of our valuable contracts.

Matthew has been highly praised by the East Midlands Service Team, and is a dedicated member of the Service Team. His great work has not gone unnoticed!

JUNE 2021
Nicola law
marketing executive

Since joining the business just over a year ago, Nikki has overhauled and redesigned our extensive sales and marketing collateral and was essential in the rebrand of Flamefast to Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression.

In recent months, Nikki has produced some first class sales presentation media that has significantly enhanced our performance in many of our recently successful tenders. Working to tight deadlines, Nikki produces vast amounts of quality collateral, lending her enviable design skills to every department including; Sales, HR, IT and Service.

We are now in a position where we have marketing collateral that we can be proud of and which truly reflects the high level of service we provide to our customers.

MAY 2021
Lee Ogden
Tech Desk Analyst

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year through the latest communications technologies, our Alarm and Video Receiving Centre, Connect Monitoring, works alongside the Emergency Services to protect your property and people.

While most of us were enjoying a sunny bank holiday, the Marlowe Connect Team worked tirelessly over the weekend to ensure we continued to deliver the same high level of service to our customers.

We would like to thank all Connect Team Members for their efforts and commitment and we would especially like to recognise one individual, Lee Ogden, who went above and beyond to support the business.

APRIL 2021
Paul Chambers
Service Engineer

Paul is proving himself to be an integral part of the Midlands Engineering Team. Following a recent audit carried out by the Compliance Team, Paul achieved 2 x A’s on both his fire and intruder audit with no prompting and was absolutely textbook on both systems.

In addition, Paul’s van was spotless both inside and out and his personal presentation was faultless.

Paul has also received many plaudits from around the business from both National Account Managers and Administrators for his attention to detail on both his paperwork and presentation with customers.

March 2021

Since joining the business in February 2020, James Turner, IT Operations Manager for Marlowe Fire & Security Group, has proven himself an excellent addition to our centralised IT function.

James has led many integral projects including an IT upgrade for one of the brands in the group and the roll out of homeworking devices for users across the Division in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In addition, James is a valuable member of the Marlstones Review Team and has helped turn a number of suggestions into procedures which are already resolving issues expressed by a wide range of Team Members, making everyones’ lives easier.

The support James provides is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. He resolves issues quickly, efficiently and with a smile on his face.

Craig Craddock
Operations Manager

Craig Craddock, Operations Manager at Marlowe Kitchen Fire Suppression has been leading from the front throughout the pandemic.

Responsible for the installation and service of Ansul and Kitchensafe fire suppression systems, Craig leads over 22 engineers.

Despite all the lockdowns, tier structure and reopening and closing of sites, which has affected the workload to a huge degree, Craig has managed and motivated the team and has achieved excellent results month on month.

He has also championed the Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and has been on hand for his team to help and support them through this difficult time.

Anthony Stankus
ARC Team Leader

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year through the latest communications technologies, our Alarm and Video Receiving Centre, Connect Monitoring, works alongside the Emergency Services to protect your property and people.

During these testing times we would like to thank all the Connect Team Members for their efforts and commitment in covering for their colleagues due to COVID-19
with some employees working all hours to support the business.

We would especially like to recognise one individual Anthony Stankus who worked 10 days out of 11 to ensure we continued to deliver the service to our customers.

Even when faced with personal tragedy, Anthony continued to work extra shifts going above and beyond to support his colleagues.

December 2020

Stephen established our DRS or “Defect Reporting System” which is the mechanism we use for our engineers to report faults, failings and deficiencies on the systems we support. The DRS Team and the bespoke systems we have developed around it have revolutionised our remedial quotation and minor work processes, enabling us to provide quick, efficient and accurate quotations to our customers, linked to our customer’s bespoke Customer Price Groups.

In addition, Stephen has worked diligently to develop an online database of technical updates, operating manuals, firmware updates and system configuration files. Christened, ‘Mar-Tec’ the Sharepoint platform has been seamlessly integrated to our newly launched Blink Employee Communication platform.

Stephen has spearheaded the utilisation of the Sharepoint platform and has provided guidance and support in the development of our Division wide Bid Library. Currently, Stephen is well underway with the construction of our Key Account Management Instruction tool which provides a centralised and easily accessible repository of all Key Account Customer instructions for Service, Billing, Credit Control and Account Management.

novemBER 2020

Over recent months Dan has worked tirelessly to secure and mobilise a large number of prestigious national maintenance contracts.

Working with our Business Development, Account Management and wider Senior Leadership Team, Dan has generated innovative proposals that demonstrate the value added solution we as a business offer all our customers.

Understanding the link between Sales and Operational Delivery, Dan has formalised our mobilisation process, bringing together Team Members from across the business, insisting upon the ‘One Team’ ethos that is so crucial to our current and future success.

Employee of the month

Chris has been singled out for praise by a large customer for his diligence in correcting long standing faults on their fire alarm systems left by the original installers on key sites.

These are large and complex sites which, were suffering regular false alarms causing massive disruption to the customer’s business.

Chris’ communication with both the client and our Account Management team at every step of the way has built great confidence with this key customer.

Taking these sites on was never going to be easy due to size, layouts , original suppliers poor installations which Chris spent hours rectifying to prevent false alarms, which was their biggest factor as their tip out were costing them a fortune!

Since taking on the contracts, each site have commented on his professionalism and his work ethic has been phenomenal.


Over the past 8 months, Mark Rimmer has been key to the Marlowe Fire & Security Group Innovation Suite development at our new premises, Project Managing the installation of our world class fire life safety and security systems while fulfilling his day to day role.

Managing a Team of Engineers, Mark has coordinated their efforts and supported in the design (developed by Jason Gray, Regional Account Manager) to produce a show case, integrated system, combining the latest fire life safety and security technologies.

As a fire life safety and security service provider it is key that the systems installed within our Head Office not only reflect the latest technology but also showcase the quality of our design, installation and maintenance services.

The Innovation Suite represents the biggest and best shop window a company within our industry could hope for and Mark’s tireless pursuit of excellence has made it one we can be proud of.

Working with us for many years, Mark epitomises the value of teamwork, willing to always go above and beyond to support his colleagues and our customers.


After our Employee of the Month initiative had been running for 12 months, every employee was given the opportunity to choose from all the previous winners and vote for the person they think has continued to exceed all expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role and therefore deserves to win the ultimate prize and be crowned the overall winner.

Mark Gaunt received the most votes overall from colleagues, confirming him as the overall winner and employee of the year.

Well done Mark – Fantastic recognition from the entire business of your hard work and dedication!

August 2020
robbie birchall
Robbie Birchall
Strategic Assistant

This month’s Employee of the Month goes to Robbie for the successful completion of the office relocation.

Without the support, hard work and extra hours Robbie put in to the project, it would not have been possible to reach the goals that we set out to achieve for the project.

From the initial sourcing of available properties in the area through to the planning phase, interior design, management of the whole refurbishment process through to handover, the innovation and attention to detail Robbie brought to the project has been exemplary.

The dedication, diligence and patience that he has displayed over the past 10 months have helped us to achieve the very high standard and quality of premises that we visualised in the building plans.

JULY 2020
laura ferguson

Following the transfer of our former HR Director to another division in March, Laura Ferguson volunteered to take up leadership of our Divisional HR Department on an interim basis.

At the beginning of March no one could have foreseen the challenges ahead as UK businesses faced the biggest HR challenge in modern history – Covid-19.

During this unprecedented time, Laura worked tirelessly, supported by a small but highly motivated and committed team, to balance the Division’s daily HR demands with the Government’s ever changing guidance on the application of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Providing professional advice at every juncture, interpreting daily changing guidance from the government, Laura navigated us through a minefield of legislation and rules, ensuring that the business and its employees took not just the right legal decisions, but the right decisions for all our Team Members to ensure not only the future of our employment but also our wellbeing.

JUNE 2020
JASON GRAY, Technical Sales Manager

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Innovation Team were proactive and took it upon themselves to independently design, develop, market and deliver a comprehensive range of Crisis Management Solutions including:
Fever Screening Solutions,
People Counting and Flow Control Systems,
WC Occupancy Control Solutions.

The Team has gone above and beyond to bring all of this technology and more together to develop a Covid-secure Workplace Solution for our customers and prospects.

MAY 2020
Payroll Manager

During the Coronavirus pandemic our people have continued to be at the heart of our organisation and no-one has done more to enable this commitment than our Payroll Manager.

Due to the pandemic, she has gone above and beyond and completed a number of different Payrolls during this challenging time in addition to efficiently dealing with our fluctuating furlough requirements and claims as we continue to operate with a modified work force to respond to our customers’ needs.

She has worked extended hours to ensure important deadlines are met without complaint and has proven to be a true team player.

Working closely with our HR Team and Senior Management Team, she has ensured communication is maintained to the highest standard, despite the inherent difficulties presented by home working.

APRIL 2020

Over the past 2 months Ged gone above and beyond in supporting our Division in successfully responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Ged has worked tirelessly to renegotiate critical sourcing contracts to ensure the continuation of our supply chain and management of costs during this difficult period, ensuring we maintain critical stocks of necessary equipment to facilitate our customers’ systems requirements.

An early advocate of preventative measures, Ged has been responsible for sourcing and distributing vital PPE and sanitation equipment to our national operational teams.

PPE is required in order to enable the continuation of our Key Services to our Critical Sector customers, enabling us to protect our people, our customers and their properties from not only the threat of the virus but also the fire life safety and security risks our business was established to combat.

March 2020
Lee Ross & Anthony Jones
Lead Engineers

This month, Lee and Anthony went above and beyond to support our sister company FAFS Fire & Security in the completion of a complex project for a multinational professional services network of firms.

Completion of the project required a substantial amount of out of hours working and came to us on a reactive basis, requiring our urgent attention.

Working together, Lee and Anthony managed to stabilise and recommission the installed GENT by Honeywell fire system with its complex cause and effect requirements.

FAFS prestigious customer was extremely pleased with our commitment and the outcome.

This project not only demonstrates Lee and Anthony’s commitment but also exemplifies what can be achieved if we work together across the Division to make our customers premises and people safe.


Helen has been pivotal in supporting the Senior Management Teams from across the Division in the development and fine-tuning of our 2020/2021 Budget.

The budgeting process is one of the most pivotal times of year for us as a business, as we set out our strategy and plans for what we are going to achieve in the year to come.

For Marlowe Fire & Security Group, with multiple Business Units and an acquisitive growth plan, this process becomes even more complex.

Helen has gone above and beyond and her support and professionalism has been invaluable throughout the process, providing guidance and support to all.

The entire Divisional senior management independently gave feedback on their positive experience in working with Helen.


Over the past few months, Annemarie has gone above and beyond in promoting Employee Engagement throughout the business.

Working closely with our Marketing Team and Charity & Social Committee, Annemarie has supported in arranging various events and initiatives including; National Customer Service Week initiatives and our very own Christmas Carol Service.

Annemarie has been with the business for over 15 years and in that time has fulfilled a number of critical operational roles.

In her current role, Annemarie is responsible for the accuracy and efficiencies of our service billing function, ensuring invoices are produced in accordance with our customer’s contracts and submitted in the format that they require.


Over the past 12 months, Dawn has established and developed an efficient Sales Administration function across Marlowe Fire & Security.

Working closely with Paul Mather, Divisional Sales Director, Dawn has successfully implemented new, accurate and innovative sales order processes which has provided the business a much higher level of accuracy in order intake forecasting and the smooth on-boarding of our customers.

A true team player, Dawn consistently provides the highest levels of service for both her internal and external customers, going above and beyond at all times.


Ben has been a great ambassador for Marlowe customer service this month.

One of our customers, One Stop Stores, has been the subject of targeted break in’s this month. Whilst working in Birmingham, on his own initiative Ben drove past a One Stop store which had been the victim of a break in and assisted the Police and Store Manager by resetting the systems and re-securing the building.

Praise for Ben’s actions were cascaded by Darron Gee, One Stop Account Manager:

“We received glowing praise for Ben, they were very impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help, Ben went above and beyond expectation by supporting a key Customer’s site that had been broken-in to. Attitudes like this put us in a great position with the client for the future.”

mark gaunt
Mark Gaunt
Senior Network Engineer

Since joining Marlowe Fire & Security Mark has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure the robustness of our critical IT Network Infrastructure.

Mark has recently spearheaded the improvement and development of our integrated Alarm & Video Receiving Centre ensuring the continued delivery of services to our customers.

Always available, helpful and informative, Mark is an important asset to the Team.

luke gunn
Luke Gunn
Project Manager

Luke received this accolade in light of the consistent hard work and high levels of service that he has provided to our customers.

One of our valued and long-standing partners commented:

“We have had ongoing issues with the CCTV system firmware. Luke has worked tirelessly day, night and weekend, remotely connecting and resetting systems while the problems are resolved.

In addition Luke has been in daily contact with the resolution team from the manufacturer, despite having been on holiday for the past 10 days. Certainly above and beyond in terms of his commitment”.