Asset Capture

Through our innovative asset capture app and dilapidation reports we support our customers in identifying where and when systems require upgrade.

This process has been achieved through the development of our bespoke Asset Capture App and web portal.

This system has been designed exclusively for Marlowe Fire & Security and can be assessed from any mobile device.

The dynamic asset collation App is installed on all of our Service Engineers tablets and integrates with our operating system to link with each unique site.

This web-based App allows all Service Engineers to securely log in and provide details of all collated asset information directly in to our centralised system. Details include the system manufacturers, models, quantities, ages and health of your installed systems; as demonstrated in the screenshot.

Our Process

As part of the contract mobilisation a bespoke Asset Capture ‘Form’ will be developed within our Asset Capture App. This ’Form’ would be automatically inserted to all maintenance calls to ensure an accurate database is maintained for each asset on every site.

Asset Capture appThe Form would appear as a pop-up on the Engineer’s personal tablet upon attendance on any maintenance call. The Engineer would then be required to complete the form, which can be designed to include both a written description of asset quantity and condition, and photographs of the assets.

As a minimum each Form would ask for the manufacturer, model, location and condition of every asset.

The Engineer would be unable to close the maintenance call without completing the asset capture form, and consequently would not be able to designate the job as complete.

Once completed, the information recorded by the Engineer would automatically be uploaded to our operating system along with the completed electronic docket and certificate of completion.

A Bespoke Design

Flexible and customer specific

Custom Built App

Asset and system management

Condition reporting

Cap-Ex Planning

Detailed CSV extract for multi site/system contracts