From 1st October 2022 BBC has officially rebranded to Marlowe Fire & Security as part of the longer term integration into Marlowe Fire & Security Limited in 2023

What are the benefits for our customers?

During our many years of serving commercial customers across the UK, both BBC Fire Protection and Marlowe Fire & Security have independently established themselves as fire life safety and security service providers of choice.

By uniting the capabilities and resources of BBC Fire Protection and Marlowe Fire & Security as a consolidated entity, we will create a new unified operating mechanism that best serves all our customers and team members.

Combining our business development and operational expertise and uniting them behind a single brand allows us to provide outstanding customer experience and a fully comprehensive fire and security service provision.

By driving closer working relationships with a much larger electrical and mechanical, fire life safety and security engineering team we will be able to provide an enhanced service and the ability to offer a more extensive range of capabilities and services across the range of sectors in which we operate.

What will change and what will stay the same?

From 1st October 2022 all future company communications will be branded Marlowe Fire & Security.

This is not a legal entity change, BBC will continue to operate under the same legal entity number (01454397) but will be renamed as “Marlowe Fire & Security (BBC) Limited”.

In addition, our email addresses have changed to and our new advertised telephone number is 0333 010 2000. The BBC website has migrated to in addition to updating our social media accounts and online directories. 

Please be aware that all current email addresses will be automatically redirected to ensure no communication is lost and our existing telephone number diverted.

Our people (including day-to-day contacts), insurance cover, accreditations, ultimate company ownership and adherence to our agreed contractual obligations remain unaffected by the change. 

To help you familiarise yourself with our range of company policies, Terms & Conditions, and insurance cover, please click on the links below or go to our Downloads Page for more information.

This new chapter is an exciting step for our business and customers and we look forward to exploring the new opportunities that Marlowe Fire & Security can offer.

As Marlowe Fire & Security it is our mission to deliver a world class service to all our customers, focussed on ensuring your compliance, safety and security.


If you have any questions, or require any further information, please email