Creating a Covid-secure workplace

As the UK Government works through its phased Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery strategy and lockdown restrictions are progressively eased, business owners are working out how to create a Covid-secure workplace and safely transition people back to work under the “new normal”.

With the Government announcing that businesses reopening under current lockdown restrictions will be subject to inspections, and the HSE reminding employees that they can report any genuine concerns to the regulator, it is vital to ensure your workplace is compliant.

How can you create a Covid-secure workplace?

We have a range of Back To Business Solutions to protect your employees and your business against the risk of COVID-19.

Fever Screening Cameras – Quickly identify and isolate people with a fever with accuracy up to ±0.3ºC – efficiently and effectively – without physical contact

Social Distancing Occupancy ​​​​​​​Control – Manage occupancy levels to control the number of visitors entering your buildings to help comply with social distancing restrictions. Can be combined with temperature detection technology for fever screening.

Contactless Access Control – A fast, accurate and safe way of identifying employees as they enter a site without the need for touching any surfaces such as a keypad, fingerprint reader, turnstile, or door. Can be combined with temperature detection technology for fever screening.

WC Occupancy Control Solution – Restrict the number of people using toilet facilities at any one time in order to comply with social distancing rules and reduce the spread of virus in the workplace.

Hygienic Door ​​​​​​​Opening Solutions – A range of simple, cost effective and hygienic door opening solutions to help control the spread of virus within your premises.

Portable Sanitisation – A portable, high performance,  eco-friendly sanitiser suitable for all types of hard surfaces including food preparation surfaces. No power or compressed air source is  required and it dries within just 10 minutes.

To find out how we can support you in creating a Covid-secure workplace, please Contact Us.