Developing the Future of Swift’s Engineering Force

As part of the Swift Fire & Security Engineering Development Programme a number our young Improver Engineers have progressed through a tailored 6 month training plan and have now received their very own Swift vehicle.

Each training plan has been designed to develop our Improvers ability and create fully competent, multi-discipline fire and security Service Engineers which will secure Swift’s future.

Now that the initial training plan is complete, the Improver Engineers will be provided with regular refresher training via internal training sessions, our Supply Chain Partners, Industry Bodies, Toolbox Talks, and Short Safety Briefings to ensure that their knowledge of legislation, product ranges and customer service is of the highest standard.

The Improver Engineers have proven to be a vital part of the Swift operation. Over the years a number of our Improver Engineers have been promoted through the ranks, developing into loyal, highly trained and valued Team Members.