Employee of the Month – Laura Caldwell

Congratulations to our Payroll Manager, Laura Caldwell for the award of our May 2020 Employee of the Month initiative.

During the Coronavirus pandemic our people have continued to be at the heart of our organisation and no-one has done more to enable this commitment than Laura in her role as Payroll Manager.

Due to the pandemic, Laura has gone above and beyond and completed a number of different Payrolls during this challenging time in addition to efficiently dealing with our fluctuating furlough requirements and claims as we continue to operate with a modified work force to respond to our customers’ needs.

Laura has worked extended hours to ensure important deadlines are met without complaint and has proven to be a true team player.

Working closely with our HR Team and Senior Management Team, Laura has ensured communication is maintained to the highest standard, despite the inherent difficulties presented by home working.

Congratulations Laura!