Employee of the Month – Laura Ferguson

Congratulations to our HR Manager, Laura Ferguson for the award of our July 2020 Employee of the Month initiative.

Following the transfer of our former HR Director to another division in March, Laura Ferguson volunteered to take up leadership of our Divisional HR Department on an interim basis.

At the beginning of March no one could have foreseen the challenges ahead as UK businesses faced the biggest HR challenge in modern history – Covid-19.

During this unprecedented time, Laura worked tirelessly, supported by a small but highly motivated and committed team, to balance the Division’s daily HR demands with the Government’s ever changing guidance on the application of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Providing professional advice at every juncture, interpreting daily changing guidance from the government, Laura navigated us through a minefield of legislation and rules, ensuring that the business and its employees took not just the right legal decisions, but the right decisions for all our Team Members to ensure not only the future of our employment but also our wellbeing.

Congratulations Laura!