How will BT’s move to all-IP affect alarm monitoring?

The move to All-IP has started and we want to help you prepare for it.

BT will be shutting down its Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by 2025 and because some alarm signals are sent over PSTN, they will be affected. This process has important consequences for businesses and homes which use PSTN to enable their Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring.

How will it affect me?

While telephone-based monitoring systems installed in recent years are compatible with the new IP requirements, there are still many older systems in place that require upgrade.

This affects not only traditional PSTN based monitoring but also communication systems that make use of the, now outdated, 2G and 3G wireless mobile protocols (including combined ‘dual path’ systems).

Whilst 2025 is the proposed end target, digital services will likely start to roll out soon and consequently signalling systems could be affected before the 2025 date.

In order to provide our customers with a reliable and future proof monitoring service, we have undertaken extensive research and established partnerships with technology partners who can support us in ensuring the continuation of our monitoring service.

Working with leading technology partners, Marlowe Fire & Security has a range of solutions to ensure that we provide the very best next generation signalling systems and continue the efficiency in remotely monitoring existing alarm signalling systems, giving complete peace of mind to our customers.

Now is the time to plan for the future to ensure your service and your site remains protected. Don’t wait until problems occur or leave it until the PSTN telecoms network is switched off before taking steps to address the issue.