My-Marlowe, the customer portal by Marlowe Fire & Security Group, has been designed to make it easy for you to access, manage and control the performance of your estate at any time and from anywhere. 

Through the integration of our bespoke operating system, My-Marlowe provides complete transparency on all elements of your service.


1.0 Dashboard
2.0 Visit Data
3.0 Document Library
4.0 My-Marlowe

1.0 Dashboard

My-Marlowe provides you with total visibility. Your personalised dashboard allows you to view real-time information for your account, when you want and need it.

The dashboard consists of a number of panels that provides an overview of all aspects of your account so that you know exactly what is going on at your sites at all times.

To provide you with as much detail as possible, each panel can be accessed to review in detail, every element of your contract.

2.0 Visit Data

Visit Data
Visit Data

My-Marlowe utilises our Engineers Electronic Docket System to provide site visit information including:

– Call Type
– Call Reference
– System Type
– Status
– Appointment Date/Time
– Completed Date/Time
– Customer Code
– Site ID
– Site Address
– Site Contact
– Site Phone Number

My-Marlowe provides you the option to export all the data in an easy to download Excel format.

3.0 Document Library

The My-Marlowe Document Library provides you with easy access to all your information.

The Document Library stores contract documents, including Engineers Dockets and Service Sheets, digitally in one central location.

My-Marlowe allows you to access your entire portfolio of data securely via the Internet and download any document you need.

With the built-in search function, you can access any file – old or new – within seconds. With My-Marlowe the data you need can be accessed instantly, from anywhere.

By synchronizing with each Engineer’s tablet, My-Marlowe allows you to view data for each Call, including Call Type, how long the engineer was on site, and if any further action is required.

Document Library
Document Library

4.0 My-Marlowe

Full Control Across Your Estate
With My-Marlowe, every element of your contract is stored in one place and your information is secure, protected and accessible for all stakeholders across your business. My-Marlowe is available for all our Customers and has been created to be flexible to suit your particular requirement and your business needs. The portal is free of charge and can be accessed from any secure, Internet-enabled device.

Key Features Include: