Marlowe plc is a UK leader in specialist services which assure the safety and regulatory compliance of commercial properties, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country

The company was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the acquisition and development of businesses that provide regulated inspection, testing and compliance services.

It is focused on health & safety, fire safety, security, water safety, water treatment, air quality and environmental services – all of which are vital to the wellbeing of its customers operations and are invariably governed by regulation.

Marlowe currently provides services to over 10% of Britain’s commercial properties and is increasingly attractive to customers who require a single outsourced, nationwide, provider of a comprehensive range of regulated safety services.

Its customers can be found in most office complexes, high streets & leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and industrial estates, and include SMEs, local authorities, facilities management providers, multi-site NHS trusts and FTSE 100 companies.

The Marlowe business philosophy

Marlowe plc’s decentralised operating model gives its businesses considerable autonomy within a well-defined strategic and control framework. Its managers are empowered to make the decisions that they need to for their businesses and markets. The model seeks to retain the agility of entrepreneurial private businesses whilst providing a platform, as part of Marlowe, which unlocks their potential and stewards their rapid growth, ensuring that all the key stakeholders are focused on value creation.

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Investment proposition

  • Regulated and non-discretionary service sectors with steady growth prospects
  • Long customer relationships, annuity-type recurring revenues with good future visibility
  • Growth through value-enhancing M&A and integration

The Marlowe model

“The potential offered by the fragmented service sectors that we identify combined with our disciplined approach to M&A, quick decision making and the operational improvements we implement, when married with our access to capital to invest in growth, creates superior returns and provides a platform for significant growth.” Alex Dacre, Chief Executive

Become Part of Marlowe plc

Marlowe plc is always looking for quality fire and security companies to join it’s growing Division.