National Sprinkler Week 2022

We are proud to support the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) National Sprinkler Week from 16th – 22nd May.  

National Sprinkler Week

The aims of the campaign are:

  • Spread an awareness of the facts about sprinklers
  • Promote a greater understanding of fire sprinkler systems in providing business and social continuity, mitigating the effects of fire with environmental and economic cost benefits.
  • Support fire and rescue services to promote sprinklers in their communities, businesses and local authority forums, providing a national picture to assist in promoting fire sprinkler systems
  • The target audience is people who have a responsibility for developments which care for the most vulnerable people in our communities and those whose developments or loss of them impact the social and economic wellbeing of our communities.

Fire sprinklers are widely recognised as the single most effective method for fighting the spread of fires in their early stages. NFCC and the National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN) carried out research to investigate the effectiveness and reliability of sprinkler systems. They found that sprinkler systems: 

  • Operate on 94% of occasions demonstrating very high reliability 
  • When they do operate they extinguish or contain the fire on 99% of occasion 
  • In both converted and purpose-built flats, sprinklers are 100% effective in controlling fires

A well designed and installed sprinkler system will automatically detect heat from a fire, sound the alarm and release water directly onto the source of the fire. While fire detection systems alert inhabitants to a fire, a compliant sprinkler system; actively fights fires, controls and limits its advancement and helps to prevent potential disasters.

Working with certified Service Partners we provide a Sprinkler System Solution that is fully compliant with the latest standards. We deliver high quality Fire Sprinkler Installations to both the Residential and Commercial sector.