NHS Shared Business Services Framework

We have been successful in securing a place on the esteemed NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework, which means we are now listed among a select preferred and pre-qualified shortlist of approved suppliers.

This is testament to Marlowe Fire & Security meeting the highest levels of industry best practice, compliance to all relevant British Standards, and meeting the stringent requirements of the NHS.

NHS SBS Approved Framework Supplier

Soft FM, Asset Compliance and Security Services

The NHS Shared Business Services Framework includes all relevant Asset Compliance and Security Services, specific Lots awarded to us as demonstrated below, which are made available and accessible free of charge to all Public Sector Organisations within the UK, including: NHS bodies, local authorities, emergency services, other government departments and non-departmental public bodies. 

Commencing in July 2020, the Framework is available initially for 2 years with an extension up to 4 years possible.

As an approved Public Sector Organisation, this freely available OJEU-compliant framework can support in saving valuable time and money in your procurement processes, providing the freedom and flexibility to select the supplier of your choice that best meets your requirement without needing to run a full OJEU-regulated tender or mini competition.