NSI NACOSS Gold and ARC Gold approval upgraded to BS7858:2019

We are pleased to announce that through our dedication to the highest standards, we have successfully completed our NSI audit and our NSI NACOSS Gold and ARC Gold approval has been upgraded to BS7858:2019.

BS7858 clearance is a code of practice set by the BSI which provides an employment screening standard for companies looking to meet the high standards required for candidates working in a secure or high-risk environment.

In 2019, the old standard for vetting of security staff was withdrawn and replaced with BS7858:2019 ‘Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment – Code of Practice’. The new standard replaced the former code with an updated view of how security employees should be vetted.

The new standard came into force on April 1st 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our April audit with the NSI was rescheduled for July at which we were approved for both Marlowe Fire & Security Ltd and Marlowe Connect, our Cat II Alarm and Video Receiving Centre, based in Birchwood, Warrington.

The revision of BS7858 has widened its scope making it more applicable to a working environment outside the traditional security sector. The theme of the standard is biased more towards risk with an emphasis on risk assessment.

More responsibility is placed on the role of senior management to provide, for example, appropriate resource to ensure there is an effective screening process in place. Some clauses such as the requirement for character references have been removed and the use of automation is now recognised within the standard.

The ever growing popularity of social media as a source of information is recognised by identifying that it can be used as supplementary information but will not replace the use of traditional sources required elsewhere in the standard.

Mark Redding, Compliance Director commented: “Our rigorous and effective screening process and our compliance with this new standard is of paramount importance and we are delighted to be approved by the NSI. The NSI ARC Gold scheme is a certification that we greatly value and I would like to thank all of our Team members who have worked hard to maintain this distinguished credential. “