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The CSL Alarm Signalling portfolio has been designed to provide a range of cost-effective solutions for the Fire, Security and Telecare sectors.

The single and dual path systems embrace all available signalling technologies and a multi-network WorldSIM is included as standard for increased reliability.

DualCom Pro

DualCom Pro offers Installers easier, faster installation of professional signalling systems with even greater resilience. 

Available as a single path Radio option (DigiAir Pro) or dual path Radio/Radio or LAN/Radio (Gradeshift Pro). Each DualCom Pro variant utilises 4G Roaming World SIMs and is compatible with CSL Live device management portal and App.

GradeShift Pro provides 2 independent and diverse signalling paths for sending alarm signals using all available mobile network technologies (4G, 3G, 2G) and all UK mobile networks. DualCom will include 5G connectivity when available meaning we can totally future proof your alarm signalling.

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