Marlowe Fire & Security designs and installs fire sprinklers for Nottingham City Homes

Nottingham City Homes have always maintained a proactive approach in the protection of their residents and properties.

Even before the unfortunate events of Grenfell, Nottingham City Homes were committed to and invested in their vision to provide active sprinkler protection systems within their high rise properties.

Working in partnership with Nottingham City Homes for many years, Marlowe Fire & Security have supported our partners in designing and installing sprinklers throughout numerous sites and have now started to work within their portfolio of high rise properties at Radford (Woodlands site).

Nottingham City Homes and Marlowe Fire & Security have spent a great deal of time investigating and selecting the most suitable installation method for each individual property. Minimising disruption to all residents has always been a major consideration.

As part of the design process we agreed that specialist and compliant boxing of the sprinkler system was a necessity. The specialist boxing provides a major benefit to residents by reducing the visual impact the installation would have to their homes. Discrete while providing high level protection, the life safety system installations have all been received very positively by all stakeholders.

Together, it is our intention to provide all high rise properties within Nottingham City Home’s portfolio with sprinkler protection, a true demonstration of Nottingham City Homes’ commitment to ensuring their tenant’s safety.

The partnership between Nottingham City Homes and Marlowe Fire & Security exemplifies our shared commitment to protect what matters.