How to conduct your weekly fire alarm test

Whilst a fire alarm service is a thorough investigation of the whole fire alarm system, weekly testing is more of a ‘spot check’. Its purpose is to quickly test that your fire alarm is in working order and help identify any issues.

The guidance to test weekly comes from British Standard BS 5839.  This the standard that the UK government recommends should be followed with regards to fire alarm maintenance.

To test your Fire Alarm please take the following actions:

1. Notify your Customers, Staff and your Alarm Receiving Centre of an imminent Alarm Test.

Please also notify any other Tenants or the Landlord if the system is interconnected.

2. Activate the *Signal Test Switch beside the Panel (*if fitted).

This switch will automatically isolate outputs to the Landlords System, and any auxiliary items such as H & V Plant Controls and Conveyor Shutters.

3. Test the operation of the system by activating a Manual Call Point using the Test Key provided.

Check all Alarm Sounders are operating and that the activation is reported on the Control Panel.

If not isolated by the Signalling Test Switch, check operation of auxiliary devices such as Auto Closing Doors, Shutters and the Heating & Ventilation System.

4. If the tests are satisfactory then Silence the Alarms and then Reset the system.

Record the Test in the log book (choose and activate a different Call Point each week, so that they are tested in turn).

Any faults found with system during the test should be reported to the Regional Premises Department immediately. Record the Test and the Fault in the log book.