Monitoring our economy

The Banking sector represents a critical element of our national infrastructure and is highly targeted by criminals.

Within the banking sector, security is not simply a necessity; it is a way of life. Through our experience and diligence, we have been entrusted with the responsibility for managing the security and life safety systems of several of the UK’s leading banking institutions.

Every day and every night, Marlowe Fire & Security keeps watch over hundreds of high street banks, deterring criminals and responding in the event of criminal activity to protect our customers staff and all our assets.

Providing security to the banking sector requires the convergence of a diverse range of security technologies combined with qualified and capable people.

Through integrating technology and experience, Marlowe Fire & Security provides its customers a sophisticated and effective solution.

Our competent Engineers will maintain and certificate your system in accordance with relevant legislation

When required our experienced Engineers are qualified and equipped to repair any issue, first time

Our local Engineers will provide a 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service to support you when required

We will identify where and when systems require upgrade to ensure optimum performance


“Can I just say a big thank you for your efforts on the two jobs. I was really impressed with the guy’s standards and helpfulness and I hope we can continue working together in the future.”