Protecting our future

Success in delivering to the education sector hinges on forward planning.

We manage the critical assets within a number of high profile, Education Sector sites including Schools, Colleges and Universities. We support our customers in fulfilling their duty of care to provide a safe and secure environment for their students and staff.

From experience, we understand the importance of stringently vetting our Engineers to ensure their appropriateness for working around young and vulnerable people, as such all engineers are Enhanced DBS cleared, CTC and SC cleared.

Success delivering services to the Education Sector hinges on forward planning preventative maintenance visits to ensure that they do not interrupt scheduled classes, lectures and seminars.

Many buildings utilised in the Education Sector are of great historical and architectural importance, achieving Listed Property status and many hold very precious works of art. Marlowe Fire & Security’s service delivery takes into consideration the unique requirements of a building and its contents and bespoke method statements and systems of work are generated to ensure the integrity of the premises and its contents are retained.

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