Is your school protected from security breaches and associated vandalism, arson and theft?

Security breaches and associated vandalism, arson and theft, combined with the ever present risk of fire can severely disrupt the normal daily routine of schools, and often results in the loss of valuable and irreplaceable personal resources, teaching materials and students’ work.

The short-term effects of loss of facilities and equipment can be calculated, but the long-term disruption that follows puts staff and pupils under stress and imposes large financial, educational and administrative costs.

It’s a price that no school can afford to pay.

A complete security and fire strategy is an essential part of creating a safe, secure environment for your students, staff and visitors

Whether you’re a small primary school or a large university campus, built-in Fire & Security is fundamental to ensure that your property is protected and students and staff experience a safe and secure environment.

Marlowe Fire & Security has developed comprehensive and cost effective Fire & Security Solutions to support the Education sector in fulfilling their duty of care.

Fire Protection
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Fire Protection

We help all stakeholders with responsibility for fire safety within a school to ensure that their Fire Safety systems and processes are compliant, well maintained and support fire safety policies, procedures and legislation.

Security Systems
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Security Systems

We protect the Education sector with tailor made Security Systems to reduce the chances of burglary, intrusion and vandalism, while supporting you in meeting the requirements of legislation and your insurance providers.

Monitoring Solutions
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Monitoring Solutions

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, our Innovation Centre, Connect Monitoring, continually monitors all alarm signals and reacts in the event of an activation, contacting the Emergency Services and nominated Keyholders.


To ensure the protection and safety of your students and premises, it is imperative that the Responsible Person is conversant with their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and has a comprehensive understanding of how they can mitigate their risk.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the regulatory information available to you. We can work with you to understand your obligations and advise how to ensure your fire and security systems remain compliant and work for your premises.

Marlowe Fire & Security is committed to education and maintains an ethos to continually train and educate our customers on the importance of Compliance. We provide a comprehensive series of free of charge, CPD seminars, covering all aspects of fire safety including; legislation, building regulations, false alarm management and standards. Independently certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service, each seminar aims to provide you with a better understanding of the key considerations surrounding a particular subject area.

False Alarm Management

A key duty of the Responsible Person is to mitigate the risk and impact of False Alarms. Over the past 10 years, the Emergency Services in England have responded to an average of 237,418 False Alarms each year. 67% of these False Alarms were due to ‘apparatus’.

False Alarms not only diverts essential services from true emergencies but can also significantly impact the running of a school – interrupting lessons, seminars and exams while eroding your confidence in the value and reliability of your fire detection system. Working in partnership with leading manufacturers, we have access to technology which, when combined with our extensive design experience, enhances the sensitivity and accuracy of your fire detection solution, resulting in a proven reduction of false alarms by up to 160%.  


We are audited and certified to the highest standards available to our industry and maintain relevant industry body memberships to assure you of our commitment to compliance.

All Marlowe Fire & Security engineers are Enhanced DBS cleared, CTC and SC cleared so you can ensure the safety of your children.

We understand the importance of stringently vetting our Engineers to ensure their appropriateness for working around young and vulnerable people.


We manage the critical assets within a number of high profile, Education Sector sites including Schools, Colleges & Universities. Many educational buildings are of great historical and architectural importance, achieving Listed Property status and hold precious works of art.

Our service delivery takes into consideration the unique requirements of a building and its contents and bespoke method statements and systems of work are generated to ensure the integrity of the premises and its contents are retained.