Protecting your guests

Maintaining partnerships with some of the most prestigious Hotel and Leisure facility providers, we understand that your fire safety and security provisions can never be compromised.

The Leisure & Hospitality sector incorporates a wide spectrum of diverse business models including Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism and Sports & Leisure.

Recently, the UK Leisure and Hospitality industry has seen significant growth and investment. Collectively the UK Leisure & Hospitality market place is valued at c. £100 Billion and growing as more people chose to invest in their quality of life and experiences, reflecting the lifestyle we want.

Key to the successful delivery of fire life safety and security contracts within the leisure and hospitality industry is a keen focus on compliance, a responsive service and health and safety.

In response to this, we have aligned our customer service teams and national engineering resource to effectively support them.

It is imperative that the integrated security and life safety systems installed within our customers sites take into consideration the particular risks of managing a large number of people whilst ensuring the systems operate to the highest standards and that any fault is rectified as soon as possible.

In addition and as importantly, we understand  it is imperative that we provide our customers a fully auditable solution. To this end we have developed several Innovative Technologies to ensure all activities we undertake on our customer’s sites are fully recorded.

We also appreciate that within the Leisure and Hospitality Sector image is important. To support our customers we ensure that the façade of any technology we install in visually pleasing and fits in with our customer’s image and supports your brand’s integrity.

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