Creating a safer living environment

For many years now we have worked in the UK social housing sector installing Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to help create a safer living environment for citizens and residents.

Legislation requires that landlords carry out a Fire Risk Assessment in all areas of their properties under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

In order to comply with this order, Marlowe Fire & Security can provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment designed to identify and reduce your risk of fire.

Fire Risk Assessments are designed to identify the needs of all users of a premises and provide support to businesses in complying with their legal requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced Fire Risk Assessors are experienced in identifying and addressing the needs of all users of your premises and providing advice is how you can comply with all relevant legislation.

The Order has been rigorously enforced since October 2006 with large fines and potential imprisonment imposed for significant breaches.


“Resident safety is our priority and we really value the high level of service we get from Marlowe Fire & Security. We know our residents are all kept safe, which means we have peace of mind with a company we trust to do the right thing.”