Alarm Receiving Centre

24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, protecting your property and people

Our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) provides you with a range of protective services to keep you fully covered.

Alarm Receiving Centre

Rapid response

Nationwide fast & efficient service to respond to security alarms, CCTV & fire alarm systems

Peace of mind

Ensuring your company is fully covered and prepared for any emergency

NSI Gold standard

We are audited and certified to the highest standards

24/7 dedicated team

Made up of a team of monitoring operatives, protecting you 365

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A dedicated team monitoring all alerts and alarms

Access our secure Alarm Receiving Centre, offering expert remote monitoring by a team of trained and highly skilled monitoring operatives.

24/7, 365 days a year your employees, assets, loved ones and properties benefit from around-the-clock protection – and you get the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted alarm monitoring service.

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Alarm Receiving Centre

Audited & Certified to the highest standard

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) handled 99.86% events within 30 seconds

Our Category II NSI Gold Standard, BS:5979 accredited Alarm and Video Receiving Centre, Marlowe Connect monitoring, can work alongside the Emergency Services to protect your property and people.

0 Events responded to
Average of 4.0 seconds
0 Events responded to
Average of 5.6 seconds

Marlowe Connect and alarm monitoring services

We pride ourselves on adapting and catering to your needs and requirements, to offer you a true one of a kind service. We are wholly flexible – as long as it meets with the high standards and regulations, we will work with you to best suit your needs.

You are at the heart of our business.

From intruder and burglar alarm monitoring to fire alarm and residential sprinkler monitoring, Marlowe Connect has a solution to suit your exact requirements. We understand your home or business has its unique requirements, that’s why we adapt to your needs by offering a flexible, bespoke service within the parameters of delivering the service excellence we’ve built our reputation on.

Following consultation, we work with you in partnership to agree the appropriate action in the result of an alarm and provide rapid – almost instant – response to any alarm being triggered. Within seconds you can rest assured the agreed action plan is triggered and we’re doing everything to protect your property.

No matter the size or scope of your premises, we have a solution to fit at a price you can afford.

Save money and increase efficiency by switching to remote CCTV monitoring. From CCTV and redeployable cameras to detector activated monitoring (such as trip wires and digital perimeter and boundary breaches), our advanced technology, expert team and cost-effective solutions go beyond traditional security to create a virtual security guard to keep your premises protected.

Protect valued employees and mitigate risk from visitors by creating audio challenges, that challenge unauthorised entry or announce safety messaging in hazardous working environments, all with our remote solutions. Trusted by thousands of homes and businesses across the UK to keep employees, customers, family and premises safe – choose Marlowe Connect to get the ultimate peace of mind around the clock.

Speak to us about making significant savings on manned patrols today.

Employers have a duty of care to safeguard their valued employees at all time. Whether that’s a salesperson on the road, a social work, a lorry driver, an engineer working in a remote location or any other professional operating independently. Their safety is paramount. Enter our innovative monitored lone worker devices that are designed with safety in mind.

Featuring an SOS panic alarm that connects to our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), our highly-trained operatives are trained to monitor situations within seconds, offering rapid assistance and offering peace of mind to the lone worker.

The ‘person down’ feature automatically activates an alarm if the lone worker falls, allowing the ARC operator to communicate directly with the person at risk, assess the situation and take appropriate action. It’s no exaggeration when we say that lone worker monitoring can be lifesaving.

We understand that you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but our state of the art lone worker safety solution is a cost-effective way to demonstrate your value to your employees by prioritising their safety and well-being.

Secure your assets with precision tracking. Our sophisticated monitoring solutions go beyond safeguarding people and properties – they protect your valuable company assets, including vehicles and high-value equipment or goods. Whether it’s cash, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals or any high-value cargo, we can employ advanced location tracking to provide real-time data to law enforcement for rapid interception. We’ve even had real-life cases where suspects were apprehended within a short radius, arrests made and goods returned to customers.

Speak to us to experience effective asset protection with our tracking and monitoring services.

Vehicle Tracking

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your fleet of hire, classic, or prestige vehicles our precise car monitoring solution provides real-time insight, geo-tracking and round-the-clock support.

Discover how we can effectively track vehicles by talking to our dedicated team today.

Environmental Monitoring

Maintain optimal conditions in critical environments – including data centres and hospitals – through advanced environmental monitoring from Marlowe Connect.

Our expertise extends to tracking and monitoring a wide range of sensitive parameters, from air conditioning performance, flood detection and temperature control to oxygen levels, carbon dioxide alarm monitoring and more.

Our ability to fine-tune parameters to super-sensitive levels and customise parameters to exacting standards, ensures a rapid appropriate response to any deviations.

Learn how we can safeguard critical environments today.

Innovative CCTV Router Solution providing instant connectivity for CCTV, HVAC, EAS, Access Control, Payment Terminals and much more.

For CCTV camera installations where a fixed line or broadband connection is unavailable, the CSL CCTV Router Solution is the perfect way to provide an instant, reliable and high speed connection.

Each CCTV Router Solution is provided to you with an integrated SIM card to deliver an easy, low cost and reliable way to ensure your security is not compromised.

Our Technical Support Desk is manned by trained and qualified fire and security Engineers 24/7 so we can be there to give you help and guidance whenever you need it, day or night.

Utilising the latest technology, our Technical Support Operators can provide you with an immediate remote solution avoiding the need for the physical attendance of a Service Engineer.

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