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Security Solutions

1. Have you undertaken a security audit of your premises within the last 12 months?

2. Do you have an intruder alarm installed?

3. Do you know the grade of your alarm system?

4. Is your alarm system regularly maintained?

5. Would a CCTV system provide you with greater confidence in the security of your home or site?

6. Do you want to control access to your premises, and parts within it, through an electronic access control system?

Fire Protection

1. Do you have an appropriate fire detection system installed?

2. Do you know the Category of fire detection system installed in your site?

3. Is your fire detection system maintained by a Competent Person at least twice per annum?

4. Do you undertake weekly fire alarm checks?

5. Do you have appropriate fire extinguishers in place and are they suitable for the risks present in your site?

6. Are your fire extinguishers maintained by a Competent Person at least once per annum?

Connected Services

1. Are your alarms monitored by a certified Alarm Receiving Centre?

2. Do you maintain a Police Response (URN) in the event of an activation?

3. Do you have a reliable keyholding service that will attend your premises on your behalf in the event of an activation?

4. Do you have a monitored CCTV system installed, providing visual verification in the event of a burglary, fire or incident on site?


1. Have you had a Fire Risk Assessment undertaken in the past 12 months by a Competent Person?

2. Have you addressed all risks within the Fire Risk Assessment?

3. Are all your staff aware of their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and know what to do in the event of a fire?

4. Do you have a comprehensive evacuation plan in place?

5. Have all your electrical devices been PAT tested and certified within the last 12 months?

6. Have you had a Legionella Water Inspection Test in the past 12 months?

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Security Solutions

Fire Protection

Connected Services


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