As the Autumn nights start to draw in, we know that winter is just around the corner.  That means colder weather with the possibility of freezing temperatures.

Bearing this in mind and to be sure you are prepared, if you store any fire safety equipment outdoors or in unheated rooms, then you need to think about protecting it from extreme weather conditions to ensure that, in the case of a fire, your fire extinguishers will be in full working order and not frozen solid or full of rust.

Spend some time now making sure your important fire safety equipment is protected from the elements to ensure you are ready for whatever the weather may bring.

What can you do to protect your fire safety equipment?

Marlowe Fire & Security has a waterproof and weatherproof storage solution to protect your fire safety equipment and ensure your compliance with BS 5306 which stipulates that all reasonable measures must be taken to protect fire safety equipment from outdoor weather conditions, damage, vandalism and accidental discharge.

Made of polypropylene by injection moulding, the TX5 Extinguisher Box is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

It’s highly resistant to water, UV rays and high and low temperatures and its internal TPE seal protects against dust and water ingress.

With its innovative design, alarm security and reinforced and non-deformable structure, the box is ideally suited for all outdoor applications.

The TX5 Extinguisher Box provides the ideal storage solution for four 9ltr water, foam or 9kg powder fire extinguishers.

Protecting against freezing temperatures

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are great for all-round fire extinguisher protection and keeping cold, wet weather at bay. However, certain extinguishers need extra protection from freezing weather temperatures.

Water and foam extinguishers installed outdoors (or in areas with no heating) are particularly vulnerable and their contents may freeze and the internal lining become damaged. This renders them useless should they ever be needed.

An anti-freeze fire extinguisher provides a solution for those environments that can reach bitterly cold temperatures. These will still operate in temperatures of minus 9 degrees centigrade, with others freezing at 0. *You can only get anti-freeze extinguishers which contain water. This means that only Class A fires (wood, paper, fabric, etc.) can be tackled with these types of extinguisher.

This type of extinguisher is ideal for building sites and construction sites, as well as other outdoor settings like holiday parks, campsites, farms and places of education. An anti-freeze extinguisher ensures that, should you need to use the equipment in winter, it’s functional and its contents haven’t frozen.