Our new and improved TX5 Fire Extinguisher Boxes for the 2022 season

The TX5 Fire Extinguisher Box has been developed exclusively for the holiday and leisure park industry.

Weatherproof and waterproof, the TX5 is designed and built to provide long lasting protection for fire extinguishers making them ideally suited for all outdoor applications.

The TX5 box has been improved for the 2022 season and now offers storage for up to 4 fire extinguishers up to 9Kg/9Ltr.

Why do you need to protect your fire safety equipment?

Fire extinguishers located in areas with public access or kept outdoors can be vulnerable to vandalism, accidental damage, misuse or corrosion.

BS 5306 standards outline a responsibility to protect vital fire safety equipment – especially those stored in an outdoor environment.

Protect extinguishers from corrosion

Extinguishers stored outdoors or in corrosive atmospheres can become unsafe for use or inoperable.

Prevent vandalism/ accidental damage

When extinguishers are exposed to public access there’s a risk of vandalism – and even minor tampering can result in the equipment failing to operate properly when it’s required.

Accessible, easy to identify

In a crowded holiday park, spotting a lone fire extinguisher in an emergency could prove difficult. Fire extinguisher boxes are large and bright, making them easy to identify even from a distance.

Lockable to prevent theft

Extinguisher boxes can also be locked to prevent theft. This may be necessary in quieter areas or at night, where the risk of extinguishers being stolen increases.

Brand new and innovative design

With their innovative design, reinforced non-deformable structure and alarm security, the TX5 Fire Extinguisher Box is designed and built to provide long lasting protection for fire extinguishers making them ideally suited for all outdoor applications.

Made of polypropylene by injection moulding, their solidity and durability is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Our boxes are compliant with British Standards which stipulate that all reasonable measures must be taken to protect fire safety equipment from damage, vandalism and accidental discharge.


Holiday parks

Garage forecourts

Aviation spaces

Construction sites

Industrial sites



DimensionsHeight: 650mm Width: 600mm Length: 600mm
CapacityHolds 4 x 9 litre water, foam or 9kg powder extinguishers
  • Integral 9V alarm
  • Hinge on the back & clasp on the front
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Manufactured from new advanced UV stabilised materials
  • Complete with fire action sign
  • Ergonomic side handles for easy carrying, as well as space for a padlock
  • Highly resistant to water, UV rays and high and low temperatures
  • Internal TPE seal protects against dust and water ingress
  • High resistance to flammability and fuel and lubricating oil
  • Smooth, soft lid to support with sign application
  • Ground fixing kit available
  • Subject to an approximate 2-3 week turnaround from order to dispatch

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