Fire hose reels are ideal for battling fires, as they provide a steady flow of water in a fire situation without having to set up lengths of hose like the Fire Service would do, allowing the user to move around and cover large areas as they look to put out the fire.

They are recommended in high rise buildings, large industrial complexes and places of work that cover large areas and are deemed high-risk. If a fire risk assessment at your business recommends you require a fire hose reel, it is imperative you purchase one.

Fire Hose Reel Storage

With their innovative design, reinforced non-deformable structure and alarm security, the RX6 Fire Hose Reel Box is designed and built to provide long lasting protection for fire hose reels making them ideally suited for harsh environments and outdoor applications.

Fire Hose Reel Regulations require routine and regular checks to be carried out by the responsible person or their representative at suitable intervals, dependent upon the premises risk assessment, to ensure:

• Hose reels are located in their designated place
• They are unobstructed and signage and instructions are legible
• There are no defects, corrosion or leaks

• Protect hose reels from corrosion – fire hose reels stored outdoors or in corrosive atmospheres can become unsafe for use or inoperable.

• Prevent accidental damage – when fire hose reels are exposed to public access there is a risk of accidental damage – and even minor tampering can result in the equipment failing to operate properly when it is required.

• Built in 9V alarm and lockable to prevent theft, misuse or vandalism – the RX6 Fire Hose Reel Box can also be locked to prevent theft, misuse or vandalism.

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