Sprinklers save lives

Designed to extinguish flames quickly, fire sprinkler systems are a cost effective and dependable fire life safety solution and an integral part of a successful fire safety strategy.

A well designed and installed sprinkler system will automatically detect heat from a fire, sound the alarm and release water directly onto the source of the fire. While fire detection systems alert inhabitants to a fire, a compliant sprinkler system; actively fights fires, controls and limits its advancement and helps to prevent potential disasters.

Working with certified Service Partners we provide residential and commercial properties, including, leading care facilities and local housing authorities, with a complete fire safety solution.

Where a sprinkler system has been installed:

Fire deaths have been almost eliminated

Fire injuries reduced by 80%

Significant improvement in firefighter safety achieved

Property damage reduced by over 80%

Reduction in the environmental impact of fire

Reduction to the economic cost of fire

Business Case for Sprinklers – Chief Fire Officers Association

Our Solution

From initial design, installation and commissioning through to on-going maintenance, we are helping to protect people and property through a sprinkler system solution that is fully compliant with the latest standards.


Our certified Design Team will propose a compliant solution that will be efficient, effective and reliable.



Our qualified Project Team will work with you to install a quality solution that will minimise disruption to your residents.



Our experienced Service Team will provide ongoing maintenance of your system to ensure optimum performance.


Our Experience

Working with Nottingham City Homes we have provided a retro-fit installation of sprinkler systems throughout their occupied social housing schemes.

Throughout the project, it was essential that the aesthetics of each flat were not compromised. To provide the best possible solution, a number of innovative elements were implemented, including; decorative trunking, back entry installation of the sprinkler heads, and the use of existing mains water supply – removing the need for a traditional water storage tank.

The domestic sprinkler systems installed provide an effective, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solution that has dramatically enhanced the safety of the residents.

Go to our Videos Page to view a series of videos Nottingham City Homes (NCH) released to dispel some of the myths around people having sprinklers installed in their homes.

Go to our Downloads Page to view our Sprinkler Systems Datasheet.

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