Sprinklers save lives

From initial design, installation and commissioning through to on-going maintenance, we help to protect people and property through a Commercial Fire Sprinklers solution that is fully compliant with the latest standards.

We provide commercial fire sprinklers for commercial and industrial properties such as manufacturing units, retail parks, shopping centres, office complexes and much more.

Working with LPCB certified Service Partners, our experienced teams demonstrate not only our capability, but also our accountability to delivering our projects to the highest standard, in line with legislation.

Fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected and tested at least annually. Regular routine maintenance ensures systems are compliant and fully operational should they be called upon in an emergency. All commercial sprinkler systems should be serviced to BS EN 12845 standards. This generally consists of one major visit and one minor visit per year.

Our Solution


Our certified Design Team will propose a compliant solution that will be efficient, effective and reliable.


Our qualified Project Team will work with you to install a quality solution that will minimise disruption to your operations.


Our experienced Service Team will provide ongoing maintenance of your system to ensure optimum performance.

Where a sprinkler system has been installed:

Fire deaths have been almost eliminated

Fire injuries reduced by 80%

Significant improvement in firefighter safety achieved

Property damage reduced by over 80%

Reduction in the environmental impact of fire

Reduction to the economic cost of fire

Business Case for Sprinklers – Chief Fire Officers Association

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