Fire blankets are made from special woven fabric that is fire retardant and is designed to help extinguish small starting fires.

Fire blankets are most effectively used in a kitchen environment to smother incipient fires involving cooking oil, frying pans, waste bins etc. or for wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire. They work by cutting the oxygen supply, when thrown over an entire flame. 

Larger fire blankets, for use in laboratory and industrial situations, are often made of wool (sometimes treated with a flame retardant fluid). These blankets are usually mounted in vertical quick-release container so that they can be easily pulled out and wrapped round a person whose clothes are on fire.

Our fire blankets carry the British Standard Kitemark and have been tested and certified to the stringent requirements of BS EN 1869:1997. We can also install or commission your fire blankets.

If your fire blankets are used in a business environment, they will need to be serviced annually.

Fire blanket commissioning

Fire blanket servicing

Fire blanket installation