Fire Suppression Systems form an integral part of any effective firefighting solution.
Incorporating Sprinkler Systems, Dry and Wet Risers, Gas Suppression and Kitchen Suppression, each system is designed to extinguish flames in the event of a fire and thereby prevent potential disasters.

We specialise in the design, installation & maintenance of mechanical fire suppression systems and can supply a solution to suit your specific requirement.

Gas Fire Suppression
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Gas Fire Suppression

Design, installation and maintenance for all types of Gas Fire Suppression Systems in server rooms, computer suites, communication rooms.

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Sauna Fire Suppression

SaunaSafe is a cost effective and space saving solution for the protection of
saunas within the fitness, hotel and leisure industry.

Restaurant Fire Suppression
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Restaurant Fire Suppression

Design, installation and maintenance of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems in a host of commercial kitchen environments.

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Residential & Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression

KitchenSafe is a fully automatic domestic and residential fire suppression system which uses state of the art digital technology to sense and respond to high temperatures and fire conditions.

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Working with certified Service Partners we provide a Sprinkler System Solution that is fully compliant with the latest standards.

Dry Risers

Inspection, testing and maintenance of Wet and Dry Risers in accordance with BS9990.

Flow Switch Testing

Quarterly Flow Switch Testing in accordance with TB203.3.2 as part of a mandatory quarterly service routine.

Risers  & Hydrants
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Fire Hydrants

Inspection, testing and maintenance of Fire Hydrants in accordance with BS9990.

Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing to ensure the safe operation of rooms protected by Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems.

Water Mist Systems

Design, installation and maintenance of Water Mist Systems to protect critical assets.