Extinguishing your risk

Gas Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room.

Most commonly found in server rooms, computer suites and communication rooms a Gas Suppression system is responsible for protecting the integral functions of your business.

Marlowe Fire & Security installs and services all types of systems including:

Novec 1230: A colourless gas, virtually odourless and non-conductive. It extinguishes fire mainly through physical means and is suitable for the protection of most risks where Halon 1301 would previously have been applied.

Inert Gas – IG55, IG541 (INERGEN®): Inert Gas Fire Suppression is a general term used to identify IG55, IG541, INERGEN®, IG-100 and IG-01. Inert gases work on the principle of reducing the oxygen content within the room from the normal approximately 21% by volume to below 15%, the point at which a fire cannot be sustained.

CO²: Characterised by its rapid and efficient penetration in the area to be protected, it does not generate residue or decompose products.

Water Mist: Some systems use water mist as part of the new generation of clean extinguishing agents. It is an efficient alternative to Halon systems.

Gas Suppression Systems

This video shows a typical system at work in an Electronic Equipment area.

Areas protected by fire suppression systems should be tested for air tightness upon commissioning of the system as air-leakage will result in the concentration of the fire suppressant agent falling too quickly. 

These annual checks are known as Room Integrity Tests or RITs.

We conduct Room Integrity Tests to ensure that in the event of a fire a room’s containment is sufficient to ensure the effectiveness of a Gaseous Extinguishing System.

Maintenance should be continued annually in accordance with NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520.

BAFE SP203 – 3
BS EN 15004-10
BS EN 15004-9
BS EN 15004-8
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