Alarm Monitoring

Protecting your property and assets 24/7

The value of an alarm system is measured only by what occurs in the event of activation. Operating 24/7, Marlowe Connect continually monitors all alarm signals and reacts in the event of an activation, contacting the Emergency Services and nominated Keyholders to ensure your sites protection.

Working as both a deterrent and an active security solution, a monitored alarm system ensures a fast response to all activated alarms reducing the chances of burglary, intrusion and endangerment, while supporting customers in meeting the requirements of their insurance providers.

With service support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Marlowe Fire & Security is always there looking out for its customers.

Working with a wide range of leading manufacturers, Marlowe Fire & Security is at the forefront of monitoring technology.


One of the leading products in the world of monitored alarms is the CSL DualCom DigiAir.

When an alarm is triggered, DigiAir operates like many monitored alarms by sending a signal to a centralised ARC, ensuring that the alarm call doesn’t go unnoticed. However, unlike other alarms that use telephone lines to send this signal, DigiAir utilises all mobile phone networks via a WorldSIM.

This makes DigiAir the most reliable wireless communicator of its kind, eliminating call costs and the risk of phone lines being out of action. The technology also means that it is unaffected by Next Generation Networks (NGNs), giving longevity to the DigiAir system.

Watch this quick and handy how-to video on the appropriate way to install a DualCom DigiAir.