Managed GPS Tracking Solutions

Marlowe Connect is Marlowe Fire & Security’s purpose-built Alarm and Video Receiving Centre (AVRC). The NSI Gold, Cat II, ARC, protects people, property and peace of mind by monitoring Tracker Alarm, Panic Alarm, or Intruder Alarm signals from systems installed anywhere in the UK.

Operating 24/7, Marlowe Connect receives all alarm activations and takes the appropriate action, contacting nominated Keyholders or the Emergency Services as required.

Combining the latest GPS tracking software with cellular positioning technology, we can provide you with a powerful, real-time tracking solution that can be used to keep visibility of your assets anywhere in the world.

The Managed GPS Tracking Solutions combined with our SIA trained Operatives have been responsible for a number of prosecutions within the UK, and the recovery of many thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods.

Marlowe Fire & Security is able to provide you with a range of proven GPS Tracking Solutions that suit your needs.

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The Technology

Each device utilises the latest GPS tracking module to pinpoint your assets location, instantly. This information is communicated directly to Marlowe Connect from anywhere in the world.

Once the device is fixed in a static location a geo-fence is drawn around its position. If the asset leaves the geo-fence an alarm is generated and sent to directly Marlowe Connect.

Each alarm is sent with pre-agreed instructions to a trained Operative who will locate and track your device in real time, and if necessary guide the police straight to its position.

As soon as your device is up and running you will have the ability to check the location of your asset through the Online Tracking Interface.

This can be accessed whenever you wish via any web browser, so that you can be secure in the knowledge that we have full visibility of your people and property at all times.

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GPS Tracking Solutions
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