Providing you with complete visibility

Although many understand that CCTV systems are simply a deterrent – today’s technology offers much more than simple protection of your employees, customers and assets.

CCTV systems are about foreseeing problems and stopping them at the source, picking out wrongdoers in a crowd and monitoring an organisation’s key operations.

Security cameras can be applied to both internal and external environments to protect your property, staff and visitors against all potential threats.

Once installed a CCTV system provides you with continuous surveillance to deter potential offenders and keep your site protected at all times.

From the initial design and installation, through to ongoing maintenance and monitoring, we provide a comprehensive CCTV national service to ensure that you have visibility of what happens inside or outside your site 24/7.


CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Systems alongside a remote monitoring service allows our Alarm and Video Receiving Centre to promptly initiate a response when an intrusion is visible. Acting as both a deterrent and active security measure, intrusion and vandalism can be minimised through CCTV monitoring combined with police response.

CCTV Monitoring
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Loitering Detection
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