Body worn cameras are proven to reduce conflict, improve personal safety and help secure criminal prosecutions by providing encrypted and tamper-proof video and audio evidence.

For many years body cameras have been proven to deter aggression and provide an independent account of incidents for blue light workers such as the police, ambulance workers and firefighters to enforce the law and for safety.

But it’s not just law enforcement who face situations where body cameras can make a difference. NHS frontline workers*, care workers, teachers and retail staff are also regularly in situations where they face disruption or aggression.

How do Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras work?

Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras are small, visible devices worn attached to the wearer’s uniform (usually on the chest). They’re used to act as both a deterrent and to capture both video and audio evidence of incidents.

The position of the camera means those watching the footage see the situation from the wearer’s perspective. The camera acts as an independent witness.

Our Solution

Unlike most body worn video solutions where the camera records the footage onto an internal storage device and the footage is uploaded to a secure location, our solution has the intuitive and the power to integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV infrastructure providing live, first-person perspective video and audio from confrontational incidents. 

When implemented alongside fixed-video deployments, activation of a body worn camera recording generates a motion start event in the software and displays the camera’s live video feed to the system operator alongside video feeds from fixed cameras, allowing security personnel to gain complete situational awareness and respond accordingly.

The body worn camera can be added as if it was a regular IP camera for live viewing, playback and downloading footage. Using ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) technology you can also download the footage that has been saved to the camera when not connected to the Wifi.

If you lose the body camera, it gets broken or stolen, the footage is still available, making this a very secure download and storage solution.


Wi-Fi streaming combines live body-worn video and audio with fixed security camera footage

Integrates with existing Video Management Systems (VMS) or Evidence Management Systems (EMS)


Increase workplace security and safety

Deterrent to would-be offenders

Evidential usage: date, time and location stamped encrypted footage

Identification of offenders

De-escalation and conflict management

Improved visibility to centralised control teams improves situational awareness for a smarter response

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Frontline retail staff
Police and civil enforcement
Local authorities
Nurses and care workers
Emergency service response
Security professionals
Parking enforcement
Lone and vulnerable workers

* NHS England data showed that 3,569 ambulance staff reported being assaulted in 2020 and 2021 – a 32% rise from five years previously.