When it comes to security, Facial Recognition not only enhances control over who is entering and exiting a special area or building, but when combined with an Access Control System, also ensures that entry/exit is limited only to authorised personnel.

When an unwanted or unknown individual appears, the system can send an alarm and notify the staff, aiding organisations in being more operationally efficient.

Facial Recognition can also help businesses in need of rapid and reliable methods of recognising and identifying key customers or clients. This makes business operations run more smoothly, and can provide customers with a better experience, which in turn can lead to an overall business improvement.


Giving Real time Alerts and the Management of People and/or Customers on premises


VIP List: Important and / or High net worth Customers

Staff List: Help to manage who is on site and when, restrict access to certain areas

Visitor List: Temporary access managed & controlled to specific regions potentially

Permitted List: General basic List management of known users of the system

Non-Permitted List: Undesirables / Terrorists / Persons or Interest / Ex-Employees etc

Air Locks/Access: Restrict access to certain areas or rooms etc

Stranger Alert: Unknown persons in a managed areas / Health & Safety / New Customers

Membership Lists: Reduce Fraudulent use of Membership access to Clubs & Gyms etc

Frequent Visitor Alert: Help manage the frequency of Attendees / Customers (with iDS NVR)

Self-Exclusion Alerts: Gambling establishments and alike must be seen to be adhering to it

Vulnerable Person Alerts: Known persons that are on a watch list for their safety

Retrospective Missing / Vulnerable Person: Search for people in a defined area, such as a missing child in a Shopping Centre, or an OAP at a care home