Our market-leading queue detection technology is built with purpose – to offer cutting-edge flow analysis to retail outlets or any situation where waiting to pay is required.

Today’s shoppers have less time than ever to get their shopping done, and they expect a fast and easy checkout experience. So how do you keep waiting times to a minimum, and react quickly to growing checkout lines? Intelligent Queue Detection technology could be the answer.

Queue Detection Technology uses cameras to count the number of people in a line, to a predetermined threshold. Once the threshold of customers has been reached, and if more customers are continuing to wait, the system alerts store management to open new checkout counters or cash registers.

Queue Detect Cameras


Giving Real time Alerts to help Manage Staff efficiencies and Customers expectations

queue detect cameras


Queue Time: How long someone has been waiting to be served / seen to / dealt with

Queuing Numbers: How many people are in an area before an alert is generated for a specific response

Multiple Zones: Ability to manage up to 3x Separate areas independently, such as Tills, Waiting Areas, Frequently visited Areas

Data Reports: Ability to look at Trends and act Pro-actively on evidence based Data

Human Crowd Density: Ability to manage the numbers of people in designated areas, Health & Safety (with iDS NVR)