Marlowe plc acquires Alpha Peerless Fire Systems Limited

Marlowe Fire & Security are delighted to announce that on the 7th of February 2017, Marlowe plc acquired Alpha Peerless Fire Systems Limited (“Alpha Peerless”), a provider of fire protection services based in Maidstone, Kent.

Alpha Peerless was formed in 2000 and provides a portfolio of fire protection services in Kent and London area, including the installation, service and maintenance of fire detection and fire suppression systems.

Alpha Peerless will now join forces with Marlowe Fire & Security, Fire Alarm Fabrication Services (FAFS), and BBC Fire Protection as Marlowe plc continues to build a market leading fire life safety and security system provider.

This well established, fire life safety business will add scale and an attractive customer base, further enhancing Marlowe’s market position as one of the Top 4 fire protection service providers within the UK.

Alpha Peerless’ position is highly complementary to FAFS, strengthening Marlowe plc’s geographical coverage in London while generating other attractive operational synergies through additional critical mass.