I would like the opportunity to praise you and your team for the great job that you did on upgrading the fire heads and changing the fire panels too. You and your team worked throughout the hotel with great responsibility, well organised, well mannered without any complaints from guests or our staff. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your joint efforts and delivery this stunning project, the quality achieved meant we had a perfect delivery, we were reliant on you to achieve this and have received huge thanks from the main contractor and the client team. I am personally grateful to you all, thank you! Healthcare Sector

Just to confirm that the work to connect our fire alarm to the monitoring station has been completed and we’ve carried out a test to confirm that it’s working. I also just want to say that I’ve been very impressed with the service from both yourself and the engineer who carried out the work today to rectify the work that should have been completed when the original job was done. He is a credit to your organisation. Thanks for all of your help too. Healthcare Sector

Thanks so much for all your efforts so far. We really feel you are doing a great job and your Engineer is bending over backwards to make sure we are happy. Social Housing Sector

I would just like to say that one of your workers was on site today sorting out are fire extinguishers. He was very polite and professional and he is a credit to your company. Commercial Sector

I found every one of you obliging you all have good customer service skills you are all helpful willing polite and always leave the flats clean. If there has been an issue you have dealt with it instantly no arguments. It’s been a pure please to work with you all and I look forward to working with you all again. Social Housing Sector

We had one of your Engineers visit our site this morning to do the PPM on the fire extinguishers and would like to say how impressed we were. His approach was very professional and his work very thorough. He kept me updated with any problems that he encountered. Transport & Logistics Sector

I would like you from the top of your business to congratulate our Marlowe Fire & Security Account Management and Project Delivery Team for providing support to the site due to an issue not relating to the kit installed by Marlowe Fire & Security. The reaction and dedication shown by your team is nothing short of outstanding. I wanted to say a big thank you for the professional approach and team work shown by all. Healthcare Sector

Just a quick note to thank your Engineer for the excellent job in installing our new access system and we are very pleased with the result. Transport & Logistics Sector

I’d just like to compliment how kind and polite one of your engineers is. He really is one of the nicest engineers we have had on our site and think he needs to be recognised on how helpful he is. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

I’m the new Estates Support Manager and just wanted to email you to express my gratitude for all the hard work that two members of your team carried out over the weekend just gone. We’ve been recently experiencing issues to all of our refuge points which have now been resolved by your Engineers. Education Sector

I would like to pass on my thanks and compliments for the recently completed works at Site. You may recall that the work was proposed following a complaint to our Chief Executive and Marlowe responded very quickly to arrange a quote and carry out the installation. Social Housing Sector

Your Engineer did a brilliant job today, we are looking forward to the next visit. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

Credit where credit is due both to our appointed Marlowe Fire & Security Account Manager and the Engineer. They have dug us out of a big hole at the Park this week after recent project works left the fire alarm and detection system in a very poor state and unresponsive across most of the premises. Your hard work never goes unnoticed and is never taken for granted! It is easy for clients to beat a service provider up when things don’t go according to plan but it is important to acknowledge, appreciate and say Thank You when a great effort is put in to remedy a pressing issue. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

I would like to mention what a credit your Engineer is to your team. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago to check where I was with my extinguishers after the last service visit. He then chased up the missing extinguishers and has been to site to rectify the majority of the outstanding ones. His urgency to resolve this for me was greatly appreciated and he was so helpful. We are all quick to moan about stuff so I wanted to make sure you knew what an absolute star he his and what a great ambassador he is for Marlowe Fire & Security. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

Your Engineer came out last night to fix the fault on the Fire panel. He left at 8.30pm and returned first thing this morning. He has meticulously traced the faults back to several wiring issues and he did not leave until he had finished. Whilst here he also moved the heat sensor that was placed above the kiln to outside in the reception area to prevent it from setting the alarm off again. I have to say he is a true credit to your Company and we are always pleased to see him on our Park. Leisure & Hospitality Sector

Please can you pass on the client’s thanks to your Engineer who attended site recently. I am told by the client that he acted professionally, was informative in his explanation of the problem and went ‘above and beyond’ in his duties to ensure the client was satisfied with the works carried out. Would you also inform his Manager of his professionalism. FM Sector

We had Marlowe Fire & Security attend site to complete sprinkler service and to complete ppms on fire alarm panel and emergency lights. The Engineers conducted themselves and represented their company in an excellent manner and are very skilled employees. It was a pleasure to have them on site and I am looking forward to their return in the near future. Public Sector

This is just a quick message of thanks for the help last night, with the Intruder alarm panel. Your Engineer phoned me last night and managed to talk me through a reset on the panel without an Engineers code. Very easily and quickly. FM Sector

Due to your prompt response on this incident 3 of the offenders were arrested in a vehicle nearby to the store. Fantastic work, thank you. Retail Sector

I feel I must write and let you know my delight with the installation of the new Fire Detection system at our Care Home. I am not sure if you are aware of the history of this project but a while ago I made the decision to install a new addressable system as the existing system was outdated and not fit for purpose. I contacted Marlowe as they had maintained the system since I purchased the home in 2000 and for many years before that. I was somewhat nervous about the installation as I was fearful of the effect it would have on the running of the home during the installation and for how it would look after it was installed – I had imagined there may be lots of trunking that would make it look unsightly. However, Marlowe Fire & Security have done a fantastic job and have certainly gone ‘the extra mile’ in their work. There was minimal disruption in the home during the installation and the wiring has been concealed by the professionalism and the attention to detail of the Engineers who are great assets to your Company. We now have a modern addressable system in place that we are delighted with and it complies with all the legislation and makes the home a far safer place for our residents to live and our staff to work. Healthcare Sector

Two of your Engineers have been carrying out work at our Depot over the past few weeks – I would like to commend them on their hard work, politeness, helpfulness – they have been a pleasure to have on site. Commercial Sector

We just wanted to say that the Engineer did a grand job yesterday. The two cameras are now operating effectively and to an excellent standard. The Engineer was very keen to resolve all the problems we had and get the system up and running. Hospitality Sector

Your company has been nothing but professional. I wanted to say a massive thank you and I have nothing but praise for the Engineer. I really appreciated all the help. Domestic Customer

I would like to praise the Engineer who carried out work on our site today – reconnecting the door access keypad and intruder alarm sensor. He was very polite, courteous and helpful; he carried out an excellent job with a neat, tidy finish. He was a pleasure to have on site. Public Sector

Thank you for your assistance with this work, the CCTV camera is now working perfectly. I would like to commend both your Engineers who were confronted with technical problems throughout the day. Despite the pressures, the enthusiasm, patience, diligence and dedication demonstrated by your team was impressive. We sincerely appreciate the excellent work of both your Engineers who are a credit to your firm. Well done and once again, thank you. Hospitality Sector

I had to find a moment to share my delight with you at the way in which your Engineer has supported this store over past months. We have historically had major issues with cameras, and their age and model has led to it being even more challenging finding the parts to make them work. This has required creativity, tenacity and fortitude sustained over a long period to get to a point whereby we can relax in the knowledge that we have good coverage and support once again. The Engineer has absolutely gone an extra mile to fulfil the brief, networking, checking availability through other sources – all to make it work for us, and we couldn’t be happier. He is a delight to communicate with and an asset to your organisation. Retail Sector

I would just like to give thanks and praise to your Engineer who attended the site as he was immensely helpful. He responded very quickly to meet our timescales, giving us professional advice on the fire alarm and managing to solve the on-going problems. He offered a solution which worked and even remained with me so that I wasn’t alone in the building until I’d completed my task. Commercial Sector

I would just like to express my sincere thanks to your Engineer who has worked tirelessly to remedy a number of issues with our security system. It’s not been an easy task but he has gone over and above to ensure that all of the issues were resolved. The Engineer even left us with a contact number in case we needed him again. Suffice to say he’s a credit to your organisation. Public Sector

I just wanted to thank you and your Engineer for the excellent and professional service we have received over the last 11 years. Domestic Customer

I am more than happy with the service your company provides with special focus to one of your Engineers, who since working on our contract has moved heaven and earth for us. Although, we can be difficult at times, your Engineer has done his best to accommodate all our requests and working with him has been a pleasure. Public Sector

The Engineers who have been on site this afternoon have been informative, courteous, polite and most helpful – it has been a pleasure to have them here. Commercial Sector

We have just had one of your Engineers here checking on all of our fire extinguishers. I just wanted to pass a massive thanks to him. We were able to leave him to navigate around the building on his own with no disruption to the service and he was extremely professional and friendly. Hospitality Sector

I would like to personally thank the Fire alarm and Access control team for their tireless and uncompromising effort that that gave to my client. I would not hesitate to recommend the team to any other client, and I must say it’s so refreshing to work with such a competent, diligent and hardworking group of Engineers. Transport Sector

I’ve found your Engineer to be an excellent individual. I’d like to commend his work ethic when the outgoing panel gave up, he went the extra mile to ensure that the building was covered and reduced my exposure to risk, to which I’d like to thank him personally. Utilities Sector

Can I just say a big thank you for your efforts on the two jobs. I was really impressed with the guy’s standards and helpfulness and I hope we can continue working together in the future. Banking Sector

I wanted to complement our account managers positive attitude and personable approach. From the very beginning he has provided an excellent service in terms of his knowledge, ‘can do’ approach and timely responses to queries. Commercial Sector

Just a quick email in recognition of your Engineer’s recent site visit. His Alarm Systems health check was the most comprehensive I have ever witnessed. His remedial work in bringing the Fire System up to spec in accordance with current regulations was most appreciated. In addition, his patient explanations have developed my knowledge and my confidence in the effectiveness of my weekly PPM checks of Fire, Intruder and Personal Attack Alarms. Rail Sector