Upgrade or Replace your Fire Alarm?

Upgrade or Replace your Fire Alarm?

System Lifetime and Performance

Modern Fire Alarm Systems are comprised of complex, intelligent components with powerful microprocessors and software at their heart.

With the controls akin to a personal computer, the development, improvements and changes to the processors and software has been exponential delivering radical improvements to:

False Alarm reduction
User Friendly Controls
Parameter Sets for Faster detection
Power Consumption and Outputs
Interface to Plant and Controls
Integration of new detection


Today, many operators with systems over 10 years old are finding their system is no longer manufactured, with the inherent problem of the lack of available new or service replacement spares.

Worse still, some systems are no longer supported in terms of software and software upgrades. These systems rely on old and sometimes redundant versions of operating programmes for their cause and effect programming functionality.

Fire alarm systems are like a computer network, the components, processing and communicating technologies are very similar. Think of a tablet device or smart phone, the technology is constantly evolving and improving which does result in eventual redundancy and obsolescence of systems.

The Solution

One of our strengths is we can provide systems and solutions that can retain the existing wiring infrastructure, minimising the impact on our Customers’ operations.

By correctly selecting the right system at first install, we are able to gradually change and upgrade system components throughout a systems life cycle.

We have systems with Addressable Sensors connected and controlled by old Conventional 24V Fire Systems and some with Digital Sensors connected to old Analogue Controls and Circuits helping us to quickly and cost effectively upgrade our Customers’ Systems.

Does it matter who manufactured my existing system?

No matter your incumbent service provider, or system manufacturer, we can find a technical and commercially viable solution to suit you.

We have replaced and upgraded systems where existing controls and detection were manufactured by proprietary system manufacturers including: